RidesXposed is an online magazine that focuses on merging transportations and style together. Its mission is to capture the most exclusive of locales and events in alluring, poignant and inspiring images and videos. It helps clients increase their brand’s awareness, exclusivity and distinctiveness. RidesXposed’s coverage helps to establish emotional connections with luxury consumers as they take viewers on a memorable journey. With more than 127,000 fans on Facebook, Destination Luxury is the established social media leader in promoting images and videos for the luxury sector. Let RidesXposed feature your ride, style, collection and life to bring admirers and collectors together

Luxury Hotels and Accommodations

RidesXposed understands the advertising needs of the transportation and lifestyle industries: to envisage the consumers’ luxury experiences. It has produced more than 40 films in 11 countries across 27 cities for this sector. Each film focuses on conveying a sophisticated, fashionable and timeless experience that generates customer views and responses. The films facilitate increases in web traffic and online engagement for its clients. RidesXposed’s creator, Setorii Pond, was a car collector herself and loves the art of motion. Her book, The Art Of Setorii will feature over 100 cars and will be adored with fashion models and will resemble editorials from the Perelli Calander and European Vogue.

RidesXposed has been working with Destination Luxury as well as many others and their editorial work has been published in major travel and lifestyle magazines including Vogue, Elle and Travel + Leisure, amongst others. Its video portfolio has also been featured on television shows such as Extra!, Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show. A few of Destination Luxury’s clients include Hotel Plaza Athenee, The Shoreham, The May Fair Hotel, Shangri La, and Le Tahaa.

Luxury Real Estate

DRidesXposed’s photographs and videos of multimillion dollar collections are unique marketing products for the transportation and lifestyle industries. In this highly competitive market, the key to success is to go the extra step and to generate appeal to clients by establishing local prominence and international attention. Its luxury and relatable coverage emotional and psychological rationale for acquiring these admiriers. They also communicate the deeper intrinsic value: the lifestyle and setting for memories of life’s most meaningful moments. The lifestyle films are created through a lens for the fashionable and stylish while conveying affluence, elegance and sophistication.

RidesXposed has collaborated with some of the most successful people in the transportation industries in the United States. These compaies understand that lifestyle films of their exclusive listings augment the brand value of the product, the companies, and the buyers.

The Team

The creative team at RidesXposed has more than 30 years in combined experience. RidesXposed is dedicated to working closely with its clients to produce unforgettable articles, photos and videos that are admired and respected by the community. It is a full service production company that also provides artistic direction, styling, and story boarding. RidesXposed is based in Los Angeles and New York, where the essence of transportation, lifestyle and fashion converges.


Editor In Chief
Setorii Pond
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Editor At Large
David Lee
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COO of Publishing
Eddie Ha
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