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Viewing Parties, Award Show and After Parties- The Oscars are tomorrow and its time to play dress up!  Hiromi Oshima styled two fabulous looks inspired by Angelina Jolie & Tilda Swinton to show you examples of how to dress on the big night.

On such a classic tradition of film awards, bring out your  Old Hollywood glamour  and let your inner fashionista shine with gold bracelets and beautiful flowing evening gowns.

A34T3133112 697x1024 Oscars Fashion Preview

Tanya is wearing an embellished golden dress by That’s Thefft.  The color will definitely stand out on the red carpet with the contrast of gold with red.

A34T3136113 1024x682 Oscars Fashion Preview

Gold Hoop Earrings by Kuumba.  Laurel wreaths decorate these delicate hoop earrings.

A34T3137114 682x1024 Oscars Fashion Preview

Gold leaf cuff bracelet and ring by Sazingg

A34T3140115 1024x682 Oscars Fashion Preview

Golden shoes lined with Swarovski Crystals

A34T3151117 682x1024 Oscars Fashion Preview


Katia wears a long flowy pink dress by Jad Ghandour.  The light chiffon flows anywhere she goes.

A34T3153118 1024x682 Oscars Fashion Preview

bracelet by  Sazingg,

A34T3155119 1024x682 Oscars Fashion Preview

Earrings by  Sazingg,

A34T3157120 1024x682 Oscars Fashion Preview


A34T3161122 693x1024 Oscars Fashion Preview


Alek wears a fitted deconstructed tuxedo.  The raw look is still formal but gives the outfit a more edgy look

A34T3166123 682x1024 Oscars Fashion Preview


A34T3084109 765x1024 Oscars Fashion Preview



Tonia Cascio

Ekaterina Shastova

Alek L. Romanoff



Peter Lamas

Christopher Dove



Hiromi Oshima



Mel Daniel



Setorii Pond


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