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Thierry Mugler just released a new short film for their popular fragrance Alien.  That weird purple bottle is intriguing with a soft floral scent that is stimulating.  As the sun rises, we are given a glimpse of a futuristic fantastic building in the middle of the desert.

A beautiful yet strange-looking woman stands in the middle of the ornately decorated palace.  She wears a form fitted glowing evening gown.  Her hair is in a complicated updo as she raises her hands as light shines on top of her.  The energy of the light becomes focused into her hands which turns into the Alien Fragrance.

Someone should convince Mugler to do a full length feature would be exquisite!  Mugler has collaborated with Beyonce, Cirque De Solei and has even directed music videos for George Michael.  Enjoy the film!

This is how it all started… a throwback to the Thierry Mugler Haute  Couture show 1997

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